House Robbery Game

House Robbery

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You believed that the things inside the house was really a part of a treasure for you. So you staged the house robbery. It was a dark and rainy night when your grandma called. She had to leave the country to be with your aunt. The rain was falling hard and it was affecting the quality of the call. So you tapped the record button just in case you needed to listen to the conversation again. Your grandma was getting to the important parts when you heard a stranger's voice on the phone. Fortunately it seemed like it wasn't from your grandma's side. However, it connected to your conversation. So someone was listening in on you. Your talk ended and you set out to claim what your grandma left you. But as you approached the location, you saw some people hauling the things to truck.

You silently watched and followed them. Then you took note of the house. You wanted to be sure with your intuition. So you staked out for a couple of nights before confirming it. You didn't want the authorities to be involved. You prepared your own robbery to take what you rightfully own. Play House Robbery room escape game by First Escape Games.

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