Horticulture Forest Escape Game

Horticulture Forest Escape

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Your father is an agriculturist and your mom is a chemist. You somehow don't know where you fit in the picture. You love plants but there are a lot stuffs you can't understand yet. Your mom wants to help you out with the chemistry concerning the needs of plants. However, you just want to figure things out for yourself. Actually, you want the simplest things in life and maybe the easy way out as well. Fortunately, your parents let you do as you wish. So you look for someone who can teach about the basics of what you want to know. Your neighbor is a horticulturist and he's very excited to help you. He said he has a place where you can learn the easiest concepts of plants. You immediately grab the opportunity to explore it and get a grasp of what you really want.

He let you explore it on your own. He doesn't own any poisonous plants so you shouldn't be alarmed with anything. However, he reminds you of some snakes that might find its way again inside. The moment you step inside the forest, it seems like another world and nothing else matters. Until you see a snake and you panic that you forget where you should pass through to leave. Play Horticulture Forest Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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