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Home Escape 3D

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For the past few years you had been thinking of quitting your job. You didn't dream of having this kind of job. However, you did want to get into service to help pay the bills. It was fine for the first two years. You were enjoying every bit of it without feeling much of the pressure. At that time, you thought you were meant to stay in this field of work. You felt like there was no place you'd rather be. Everyday was inspiring and you just couldn't help but giggle at every little achievement you made. Then again, you couldn't remain in your station forever. Well you could, but that would mean no promotion. And with your lifestyle, you definitely needed one. So you transferred to a different station and you immediately felt you made the wrong choice. The first day was like a battle with tears.

But days turned into months and years. And everyday, you came home too tired to even think straight and the promotion you hoped for was still out of reach. Another day came and you once more found yourself in a bathtub struggling to make it on time. Play Home Escape 3D room escape game by Mouse City.


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