Homey Forest Escape

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Homey Forest got its name for being like a home to almost everyone. Many people return to this forest not only because of it beauty but also because of the feeling it gave them. When you first heard about it, you didn’t believe any of it. You were wondering about how can a forest make you feel that way. So to prove their claims, you went to the forest yourself. The moment you set foot on the forest, you couldn’t believe the comfort you felt. It was as if the trees there absorbed your cares and worries. You want to know the source of the peacefulness here. You went to every part of the place you could reach. Along the way, you could only see people smiling and having fun. It made you smile as well. Then you turned your focus to the trees.

They provided such a great shade and cast pretty shadows on the ground. You walked around just looking at the shadows until your neck hurt. Then you looked up and the place wasn’t familiar anymore. Anywhere you looked you couldn’t find the path that would lead you out. Play Homey Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.