Highland House Escape Game

Highland House Escape

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You want to make a purchase of another property. You don't really plan to live in each one of them. However, you wanted to make a portfolio of your properties. When you were younger, you stayed in your relatives' house. They were great towards you. Although there are some times when you felt like you were just a burden to them. So you promised yourself that you'll become rich enough to buy them houses. To get this, you worked hard and saved every money you can. You didn't starve yourself to death though. And you're still able to enjoy at times. But your savings was your priority. Now you're looking for more houses to own. While looking at the results on the internet, you see this highland house. You have no highland house in your portfolio yet. And this can be a great addition.

So you contact the owner of the house and schedule your stay. You want to really experience the features of the house before making a decision. The interior is just gorgeous. It makes you think of buying the house for yourself. You want to ask the owner about the price of the place. However, as you're turning the knob of the door, it won't budge. Play Highland House Escape room escape game by WoW Escape.

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