Monkey Go Happy - Stage 148 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Stage 148

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The tiny monkeys are making a ruckus again. And you're to check on them. You don't know where they are but your superiors are barking endless orders. So you try to silence out their voices for the mean time until you find the tiny ones. You listen intently to their noises and you follow it. Their noise lead you to the lab where experiments are done. The scientists of your places are trying to figure out a way to extend the lives of the monkeys. But the tiny ones don't care about the importance of the place. They're just there to have fun. They really find the colorful buttons so interesting that they start to jump on it. You try to stop them. However, the ray is already aimed at you and a ray goes out. You close your eyes just before it hits you.

You are expecting pain and other feelings. But you feel nothing. So you open your eyes to check more damages. The tiny monkeys all run out. You wonder about it when you see yourself in the mirror. Then the scientists rush in and try to help you. However, the thing that can help you is on another location. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 148 room escape game by Pencil Kids.

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