Help The Cute Cowgirl

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Chester is a gentleman, but how is that going to help him in surviving in this desert plains with nobody else living in it but him. Still, it is nice to be classy. That day though, this classiness of his will be of use, for on his way to his old shack he came across this cowgirl and she needs a little bit of help.

Chester never though he’d found a woman here, or anyone else for that matter for this place is very far from anywhere. Chester asked the woman what does she need, she needs directions and he thought he might be able to lend his map to her, he just needs to find it. Escape players, Chester finds this woman attractive, but he kind of values his solace there so he is going to help this woman and so she can be on her way. Escape players, help Chester here find his map so that he may help this person.

Help The Cute Cowgirl is a new point-and-click desert escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Help The Cute Cowgirl

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