Hallows Eve Escape Game

Hallows Eve Escape

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You want to scare yourself this Halloween. For the past few years, you were always successful in scaring your friends. They always promise not to get scared by you every year. However, you always succeed. And every time you do, you get some treats from them. But for this year, you wanted to try something different. You wanted to try and scare yourself for a change. It would be a tough job to pretend you know nothing of the effects you put yourself. So to have that authentic scare, you went to the forest. The forest was always dark and mysterious regardless if it was Halloween or not. And you knew that some weird and gruesome stuffs might have happened there as well. This could be a perfect reason for a ghost to show up and have a revenge by scaring people.

You laughed a little at your own imaginations as you walked deeper inside the forest. It was really dark. And you only had your flashlight until it rolled out of your hand. The forest was getting foggy and you couldn't see clearly until you missed the path out. Now you were having goosebumps. Play Hallows Eve Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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