Halloween Fantasy Forest Escape Game

Halloween Fantasy Forest Escape

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While everybody is having a blast celebrating Halloween with their fellow human beings, you are invited to a fantasy world. It's not the kind created by humans. This is actually by your supernatural friends. They always visit you and even stays with you at home. Sometimes they take the form of another human. But most of the time, for convenience, they take the form of an animal. This way, they can still interact with humans without being awkward or too different. They are very thankful to you. And so for this Halloween, they plan to celebrate it in a part of their world. You're very up for it since not everyone can get to experience this. You help them with the planning and other stuffs. Then they offer to bring the essentials there. You just have to get to the location at the right time.

So that's what you're doing. You make sure to go to the place just as the party is about to start. You arrive there and the beauty sure is other worldly. They definitely are making it a party like no other. However, there's a catch. You need to leave the place before midnight. It's okay for them to feel the dark powers of the night. But it won't be beneficial for you. So leave the place before this happens. Play Halloween Fantasy Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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