Halloween Haunted Forest Escape Game

Halloween Haunted Forest Escape

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You've recently became an organizer and people are going crazy because of your unique concepts. You actually find it hard to come up with new concepts every time. But what's harder is materializing these concepts. Most of the stuffs you're using are customized since you can't find ready-made ones. However, it seems like your efforts are all worth it when you see your client happy. Halloween is nearing and most of your clients want to have a unique party. So you gather your team to talk about the plans. One of the requests is to have a party inside a forest. You like the idea as well. It will surely feel more authentic to have an outdoor setting. Likewise, you can add many surprises since the guests may not expect anything more from the setup. You let the others take charge of the remaining requests as you take this.

To make sure that everything will be perfect for the party, you head out to the forest yourself. As you are nearing the exact location, you notice that there are already decorations. You look closer to check if your team has already started. However, you can't find one of them and the exit seems to disappear as well. Play Halloween Haunted Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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