Halloween Fun Escape 001 Game

Halloween Fun Escape 001

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The worst thing that can ever touch your skin is a spider. You don't know where your fear of spiders originated. You can remember your father introducing you to animals. He was gentle with them so they remained friendly and you thought all animals could be handled. But you can't remember him touching a spider. Instead, what marked in your mind was the reaction of your sister every time she sees one. She would screech and it would startle you. Maybe that developed a fear in you as well. But you can't really be sure. No one really know that you hate spiders. So when your friends led you to that forest overflowing with spiderweb and of course spiders, you just have to run away. This was the theme for this year's Halloween Fun Escape. You can't believe someone would really put up such.

But it's attracting many people and therefore large income as well. You try to play along with them but you're just too off of it. So you move away from the crowd to find a place safe from surprises. However, instead of finding peace, you find yourself in the middle of a creepier place. Play Halloween Fun Escape 001 outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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