Halloween Find Key For Chalet House Game

Halloween Find Key For Chalet House

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Halloween Find Key For Chalet House is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Top 10 New Games. Good luck finding a tiny thing in a vast area filled with scary things!

It's Halloween again and it's really bad that Roy will be coming home in the night, for in-order to get to the chalet house where he was currently staying, he must pass a scary area and that is the kind of thing he doesn't want to come across, for he is kind of a coward when it comes to the paranormal. Well he wasn't wrong as he tries to get home though, for along the way he noticed that he wasn't alone and upon his haste, he dropped the keys for his house

That is absolutely a bad thing to happen now and the situation he has here just got worst! Man, this is the reason why he goes home while there is still light and he just vows this will not happen again. Escape players, Roy needs help here trying to get home but he needs to find those keys of his first which means he needs to retrace his steps in the scary area! Come and join here then and don't forget to have fun on this spooky adventure.

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