Brittle Kitchen Escape Game

Brittle Kitchen Escape

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Brittle Kitchen Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Genie Fun Games for more dose of fun escapes with us. Best of luck!

Lance's new house seems to have been well taken-care of beautifully, for it is still clean and most of its furniture are still there. He decided to buy the house for he knows even though it had been unused for years, he will be able to fix some stuff if there are any repairs that must be done in the place. Well there was one and of course every house isn't perfect, for this one it is the arrangement of wires around the house. It must be fix soon for it is the number one causes of house fires, but as Lance was starting to trace these wires around his house on where they might be exactly, something happened in there and now Lance is trapped in the kitchen area!

What could have happened? He was just roaming around the rooms checking everything out and now, he is trapped for the doors could not be opened mysteriously! Looks like this house here has some other secret, well Lance is hoping to figure that out too especially the weird door locking so this problem here won't happen again. Escape players, the best way to escape from this place is through the kitchen, will you be able to do that while using the items that's there as well? Have fun then and enjoy this escape!

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