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Gym Trainer
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You go to the gym at weird hours. You like working out starting midnight until 2am. During this time, only the gym owner and you are inside. He's doing stuffs or sleeping while you're working out. So it still feels like you're alone. But today, he's very talkative. He keeps on asking you about yourself. You somehow find it refreshing that someone asks these little things about you. You're also learning a lot from him. Likewise, he sometimes shares gossips he hears from his customers. He doesn't name names though. He's very careful. You ask him why he lets runs his gym 24/7. He says it's because of people like you. Even if you're the only one, he doesn't mind. His main purpose is to help people get fit in any way you can. Anyway, he can just sleep while people are working out.

Then he walks to another part of the gym. You're back to being alone. So you focus more on your exercises. Then you notice that the trainer isn't around yet. It's 2am and you have to leave. However, no one is answering you. You look around but you can't find him. He must be stuck somewhere. Play Gym Trainer room escape game by 5n Games.

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