Jolly Boy Gym Escape Game

Jolly Boy Gym Escape

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This is Jolly Boy Bunani, the twin brother of the famous super hero Jolly Boy. People always take them for each other. Okay, obviously they take him for the super hero and not the other way around. Bunani is far not so famous than his brother. It always bothered him deep inside. His super hero brother went missing after a mission. It was a close call and he got injured pretty much as far as the witnesses could tell. Since then, no one has seen him. The public sentiment went through a huge drop thanks to their beloved hero's disappearance. People feel unsecured. The authorities decided to disguise Bunani as his brother to calm down the people until Jolly Boy returns. But first he needs to get in shape. Help him escape!

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  1. Date: June 23, 2015
    Author: SueSunday
    wonderful ideas! [Reply]

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