Green Vintage Room Escape Game

Green Vintage Room Escape

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You noticed that your adventures seem to have a motif. The last time, you were inside an orange room. It was unexpected since you're just trying to look for your orange beanie. Before you left the place, it has no new paint on it. But when you returned it turned into orange. And then your adventure to escape the place started. Now you're wearing your green beanie. However, you didn't think of any escape adventures since there are many people around. It would be really weird to have you locked up when there are a lot of people outside who can help you. So you just strut the halls like nothing can go wrong. Suddenly, one of your prankster friend ran past you and grabs your beanie. You run after him but he's too fast. So you just let him go for a while.

Then after a few hours of roaming around, you remember your beanie. You go to the place where the pranksters usually hang out. There you find your beanie but you're unsure if you should be inside. Yet your beanie means so much so you have to take it back. Then another adventure starts. Play Green Vintage Room Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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