Green Valley Escape (Games 2 Mad)

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The park is located in the valley on a vast forested area and it’s absolutely serene there. Cynthia brought her family with her for she expected the place to be family friendly, and it was so throughout the day they had all the fun they deserved as well as the relaxation. They even stayed until closing-time, the place closes early thanks to the situation right now, Cynthia knows that and she had observed enough of the place already. But when they thought they are not going to get locked in the place and spent a few minutes there after closing time, they were wrong, for now the gates are locked and they are now trapped inside!

Cynthia called for help then but there was no response, the children are now getting scared and because there seems to be no help coming, they need to help themselves then. Escape players, Cynthia must try to remember everything that she had observed there when they entered, she needs to be smart here for that will pave their escape. Eventually, Cynthia remembered one time that the guards leaves hidden keys around the park, that’s for the purpose if something happens, they can use the spares. Cynthia knew this for she had heard some staff talking about it earlier. That may be their only chance here, so will you help Cynthia in finding just one key so they can finally leave safely?

Green Valley Escape is the newest point and click outdoors escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.