Grandpa Escape From Cobra

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There is a legendary giant snake in the desert here who was called Cobra. This thing isn’t really a cobra, it’s more like a giant python and that thing can talk and has a mind of human! This thing is kind of like a guardian of this desert, that’s why people who comes there must be careful for they don’t want to bump into this creature there. But your grandpa have not been careful when he went though, and now Cobra has him!

This is not good escape players, you are only watching them from a distance and you immediately gauged the situation as bad. But there is a way for this so that Cobra will let your grandpa go though, and that is a special flower growing somewhere in this land which you must give him. Okay this will be a dangerous task up to this point, will you be able to find that flower and give it to Cobra so he’ll release your grandpa? Hopefully you’ll both escape in one piece.

Grandpa Escape From Cobra is a new point-and-click desert rescue escape game developed by Wow Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Grandpa Escape From Cobra

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