Golden Eye Escape Game

Golden Eye Escape

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Once again the world needs saving, as a person who usually do this without nobody knowing, Johnny have done this several times from various threats and if he hadn't just once, there won't be a world left to live into. That day, once again he is off into an adventure in search of so called items to form in one to fight this one specific threat which was coming any day now. Johnny have done something like this before, so he isn't too worried. The thing that he is worried about though is if he'll fail this, then everything he knows will be gone forever!

On this new journey of his, he needs to first retrieve an item called the golden eye. It is somewhere hidden in the forest in a house and he knew about that for he has a crystal ball which is very useful in finding hidden items, but it can't help him get it though, it's just to guide him to the location of such. Okay, now Johnny has a mission here and really this item he can't really miss, for it has some size but not too big that it will be hard to carry. Escape players, want to help on this retrieval adventure with Johnny and see if you can all get that eye?

Golden Eye Escape is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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