Gold is rumored to be hidden in an abandoned mansion in Gold in Ruins 2 game.

Gold In Ruins 2

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A mansion belonging to a criminal now sits abandoned in the middle of the woods. This criminal is said to be a smuggler and he bcame wealthy because of his various businesses. After arrests , the staff began searching because she heard the boss and his men talking about a secret hoard of gold. Contacting the police, they  gave all the information needed to be able to make the arrest. The staff, however, cannot find any indication of of gold within the mansion. They all left with valuables but none with the gold they’re desperately wanting.

The grown son of the maid returns to the abandoned building years later. His mother recounts everything, sparking his interest in solving the mystery. He had only been to the place once when he was five years old but he cannot forget the grandeur of it. He scans the area trying to remember the rooms he used to play in. Finally, taking his pocket knife, started stabbing one of the walls. Soon enough, shiny glints are starting to appear. One last stab and gold coins began flowing from the wall.

Ainars has just finished a new escape game for Escape Fan called Gold In Ruins 2. You are in an abandoned building totally alone, and there should be a way to get out of here.


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Walkthrough video for Gold In Ruins 2

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