Gnome Apple House Escape

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Geraldine the gnome works as a baker and well her pastries are very well done! She supplies the town, the gnome village, and even the smaller villages which are scattered across the land. As a human who was kind, you respect Geraldine even though humans don’t really mingle well with gnomes, but because you were open-minded and kind, you befriended her even though you were told they are savages. But they are not really and they were even kind.

That day, you went to Geraldine’s house for you are going to ask some of her newly baked goodies and maybe bring some home, but as you got inside the house after you knocked, you found Geraldine trapped inside a cage in there! What in the world was happening here? Geraldine immediately asked for your help and after that you realized her situation is not of her liking. Escape players, your friend Geraldine the gnome is trapped here, even though you have no idea what happened you need to help her and ask questions later. Find items around the rooms here then which can help open that cage so Geraldine can safely get out.

Gnome Apple House Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by Games 2 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Gnome Apple House Escape


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