Gloomy Night Escape Game

Gloomy Night Escape

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So the rest of the forest looks like this. You still have yet to find the right key that will lead you to your escape. However, you still have enough strength and determination to continue. You wish to leave this place. Then again, you likewise enjoy the strange stuffs you see at this time of the day. You wonder if there are any strange creatures here as well. In many movies, places like this always have creatures lurking about. Then the main lead will have to befriend it or escape from it. You like the idea of befriending creatures instead of being eaten up. So aside from searching for stuffs, you likewise open your eyes to some weird animals. Every movement from the bushes causes you to pause for a while and investigate. But at this rate, it'll take a very long time until you leave the forest.

A loud shrill noise echoes through the forest. And suddenly, the thought of looking for strange creatures evaporates from your mind. It is gloomy after all and rain might fall soon. So you now focus on the useful items you can find and making your brain work extra hard for the puzzles. Play Gloomy Night Escape room escape game by Mirchigames.

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