Giant Rock House Escape Game

Giant Rock House Escape

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You find overly modern hotels so cliche. There are so many out there that you find it tiring to stay there every time. You want to try something new and exciting. Something not very many people have tried. So you search the net for some answers. Then again, you know that it will only turn up those famous places. This made you switch into searching through the old magazines and books instead. The older source, the better. One book has a list of houses that can withstand extreme weather and even time. This piques your interest and that's when you search through the internet to locate it. However, when you look at the map, you can't see it. But the way the book describes it, it should really be there. So despite the fact that it can't be found on a map, you still want to try looking for it.

You arrive at the road and look at your book once more. There are a lot of changes in this place so you feel like you'll be having a hard time finding the giant rock house. Surprisingly, when you round a corner, it's conspicuously there. You're free to enter but the exit is still at question. Play Giant Rock House Escape room escape game by Eight Games.

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