George Home Escape Game

George Home Escape

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You love visiting your Uncle George every weekend. He has such a nice space and you always ask him to give it to you when he moves to another city. He has plans of selling it but you want to receive it from him as a gift. You're very close to him as he lived with your parents when you were still a baby until you were five years old. Then he was able to find himself a good job which enabled him to buy this house. You've been coming here since then. Most of the time he would take you to places to eat and walk around. But something happened somewhere in the town he's staying at. So he decided to find another place that would also be closer to his job. But for the mean time, you're still enjoying his house.

He still works on the weekend at times. And when he does, he locks the main door for security purposes even when someone's inside. He usually leaves the key to the back door. But he's in a hurry this morning that he just left without leaving anything. You never liked the idea of being unable to leave, so you have to act fast to find a way out. Play George Home Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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