Gaur Escape Game

Gaur Escape

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Try this rescue adventure here escape players. Gaur Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Avm Games for more fun with us daily. Good luck!

Gaurs are native in the village here and at feasts of the place, they can be a very festive menu and a great center of the occasion, but they can only harvest one or two per year, sometimes it's even less for Gaurs are quite an endangered animal and the village people are only harvesting what they can breed, in other words Gaurs are very valuable and a loss can be devastating. As one of the persons who takes care of the captive Gaurs, Frank is doing a pretty good job breeding the animals but one day, something happened with one of the bovines and of course, it's a concerning situation.

One of the bull Guars just got trapped inside one of the houses in the village and it's the weirdest thing Frank had ever heard! But because the village has an endangered animal in their hands, this trapped one is vital and must be saved. Frank is going to rescue his trapped Gaur bull here for there is only a few in their care, try the rescue adventure here with Frank escape players, enjoy the rescue!

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