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Fresh House Escape

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It was starting to be a habit of yours to be locked in inside the house. After barely making it out of the previous house, you once more found inside inside a locked one. You have a different house every weekend so you can have more and more inspiration for your dream house. Pictures weren't enough for your conceptualization so you really need to see houses and live inside them. In this way, you'd be able to point out and keep the good ones, and take note to avoid the bad ones. It wasn't always that easy though. Sometimes there were surprise that weren't all pleasant. But you already were expecting these. So you learned to accept all these things and just focus on the good you'll get. Then again no matter how you tried to be positive, some things just got to you.

And when it happened, you lose focus and ended up just tinkering with the stuffs. Most of the time, you got yourself  inside unable to get out. What happened was no difference. You once again needed to find another way out to leave this house. You really enjoyed the house you stayed in but they always have challenges that you needed to face. Play Fresh House Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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