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Escape From Chemistry Lab

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Your mom was supposed to be a chemist. However, due to lack of money for schooling, she wasn't able to take the board exam. However, she still pursued chemistry by teaching it as a subject. Everyone was in awe at how she could simplify the lessons. She was so good at it that people expected you to be as good or even better. But it was not the case. You just couldn't fit in your brain all the formula. So you tried to be as low key as much as possible. Then again, people easily recognized you and they expected so much. Some of them smirked when you couldn't reach their bar. It was devastating for you but you had no choice but continue moving in your life. With the help of your mom, you were able to finish a chemistry related course.

Her friends in the industry helped you land a job in a chemistry lab. However, you didn't do those mixing chemicals stuffs. You were there to slowly learn the process. In the meantime, your assignment was in cleaning up. So you were usually the last one to leave the lab. It became a usual thing that you sometimes forget the little details especially with the door. Play Escape From Chemistry Lab room escape game by Online Gamez World.

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