Forest Squirrel Escape Game

Forest Squirrel Escape

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Harrison was out in the forest that day just being a kid and having fun with rocks and wood, but when he saw a squirrel from the distance however, he quickly ran after it and chase the thing all-over the place! It was fun for him and he seems to be a bit wondering why the animal wouldn't climb any tree as he chases it, that's a sure way to evade him but why wouldn't it? Still Harrison tried to chase it until he got to the neighbors which he knows that there are traps in there! So he stopped and the next thing he heard was a struggle.

Harrison prepared for the worst that the squirrel got trapped in a harmful trap, but fortunately it didn't. Harrison broke-out a sigh for the animal was trapped inside a cage which was still a trap from the neighbors. Poor creature, because of him now the animal is caught. Well still, the animal is not injured so there is still a way for it to live and leave with just a raised heart-rate. But if Harrison is going to do that, he needs to be careful, for his neighbors are really not the forgiving kind. Escape players, will you help Harrison here free the little squirrel which he got into trouble?

Forest Squirrel Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

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