Tropical Dry Forest Escape Game

Tropical Dry Forest Escape

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Finally, a tropical forest getaway! That's the kind of vacation Franco wants for back in his country, he had been venturing into forest which were misty and cold, he hadn't been to any of where he was now and for the day, off he goes! The tropical forest he was in has a lot of stops like cabins along the way and houses from old families who offers coffee and snacks for the hikers. Franco had just left base-camp and is now heading through the trail to the first stop-house. After a while, Franco began to wonder why he wasn't seeing the house yet for he was at an overlooking view but nothing, just a trail and a wide stretch of green land. That's when he checked his map again and that's where he noticed his mistake.

Franco made a wrong turn and now he is off from the right path for a kilometer! How could this have happened? Franco was looking at his tracks but how could he have missed it? Well it already happened so there is nothing he can do but just have a gulp of his water and find the right path back. Escape players, will you join Franco here and see if you can all make it from this adventure?

Tropical Dry Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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