Forbidden Desert Escape Game

Forbidden Desert Escape

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You were in the library. You saw a very old book tucked on the corner of a shelf. It wasn't there for display though. You felt that the book was there so that no one would open it. However, you had already looked through the books in that section. And you couldn't find one that interest you. Except the one tucked there. So you slowly pulled it and started reading it. The book was about dragons set in a forbidden desert. The people there had dragons for pets. Then again, some weren't treating the dragons in the best way. This made some of their tribe members do certain actions that brought challenges to the peace of the community. You were nearing the end of the middle chapter when you saw the librarian passing by. You worried about the book you were holding.

She might not like the fact that you took the book she was trying hard to hide. So you changed tables just to hide from her view. You continued reading as soon as she was out of sight. But instead of being in the library, you found yourself in the desert. Play Forbidden Desert Escape outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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