Peacock Fantasy Forest Escape Game

Peacock Fantasy Forest Escape

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It took a few minutes on an airplane ride to reach the Peacock Fantasy Forest. You didn't plan much for it. You just saw that the fare was very affordable and you were free on those dates. So you immediately booked yourself a ticket a couple of months prior to the schedule. You didn't even research about the place you were visiting. You wanted to be surprised with what it could offer you. The place was very relaxing and peaceful. Even the people there were telling you about how organized the place was. You couldn't help but agree with them. However, you wouldn't be spending much time in the city. Instead, you would be in the forest to look for some species that could only be found there. The taxi driver dropped you off with a mysterious smile. But he only wished you good luck.

You wanted to ask more yet he closed his windows and left. Since you didn't read anything about the location, you couldn't really tell what he was getting at. Even the forest seemed peaceful until you caught sight of a huge cage. You went closer to inspect it. And inside you found a peacock fantasy girl. She was good at keeping her face relaxed. Yet you knew she wanted her freedom back. Play Peacock Fantasy Forest Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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