Fisherman Boy Escape Game

Fisherman Boy Escape

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You decided to take up a new hobby - fishing. Your main job requires intense thinking and brain power because you are a code breaker. You work for a secret agency that specializes in data and intelligence. Every minute of your job you have to carefully examine every piece of variable because failure to do so would mean catastrophe. Fishing is the perfect choice because you can let your mind take a rest while still being productive.

Fisherman Boy Escape is fun and exciting point and click escape game released by 8b Games. You are currently on your way to the local fishing house to indulge yourself in your new favorite hobby. When you go fishing, you are not alone. You have a little fisherman friend that acts as your assistant. As usual, you send him on an errand to go fetch your fishing equipment from the shack. He rushes to the shack without hesitation.

You wait for him but he is taking longer than usual. Normally, he only takes about a minute but five minutes have gone by and still no sign of your helper. You then decide to go check up on him. You find he has locked himself inside. It is now up to you to point and click through the puzzles in the shack and free your fisherman friend. Good luck!

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