Find The Santa Coat Game

Find The Santa Coat

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Santa had a little accident causing him to rip his coat. Mrs. Clause always have a spare for this kind of emergencies. However, she can't seem to remember where she placed them. You know very well that Mrs. Clause is always ready. Then maybe some of the reindeer or elves are thinking it's funny. None of you can emit the negative energy. So you just end up laughing about it. Then again, Santa needs to find the coat for Christmas is fast approaching. You try to walk around and ask the elves about it. But it seems like they have already talked about this. They always change the subject every time you ask them about the coat. You just sigh at their naughtiness and proceed to the reindeer next. The reindeer just keep on looking at you and tilting their heads like they can't understand you.

You know very well that they all know what you're talking about. But they likewise enjoy playing along with the elves. This will not come to an end unless you look for the coat yourself. They can't hide it very well but they just want to have a little fun. Play Find the Santa Coat room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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