Find The Ghost Costume Game

Find The Ghost Costume

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It's going to be Halloween that evening and it's weird though for there seems to have been a shortage of Halloween costumes that day, which never happens at all and as a person living in the area, Carlos felt that too for he found no costumes at all in the shops! He specifically wants a ghost costume but he can't find one, he even had to resort in asking his friends but then they don't have extra ones, actually they have extra Halloween costumes but all they have is for girls. As Carlos tried to search in his neighborhood, he actually remembered that he has a ghost costume at his old house which he kept in his room!

Carlos decided what to do then, and when he saw that he still has time to travel there, he went and as quickly as he can so he can prepare more stuff until the evening comes. Little did he know going there will have another problem however. Carlos could not get inside the house for the doors seems to be locked good! It's unfortunate for he had keys but those are of no use when the doors are jammed. Escape players, will you help Carlos here so he can get to his ghost costume quickly? Try your best to open the door then and everything thereafter will be less difficult.

Find The Ghost Costume is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames.

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