Find The Easter Eggs Bag Game

Find The Easter Eggs Bag

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You got to visit one of your favorite village this Easter. You were tasked to bring the Easter egg bags for the celebration. Before leaving the house, you checked your bag three times to make sure you had the egg bags. Your house was fifteen minutes away and you didn't want to spoil the fun by forgetting the item assigned to you. This was the first time you'd be spending your time in this village. Usually, you would just stay for a few hours and then go home. This time, you would be able to spend the night here. It was exciting for you to see the night view of this beautiful village. Everyone was busy with the preparations and you thought you should help them. So you left your Easter egg bags on your bed and head out to help the others.

You didn't know your friend went inside the room and saw the bags. He wanted you to explore the rest of the place instead of just helping out. So he took the bag with him and hid it somewhere. When you returned to your room, you couldn't find the bag anymore. Play Find The Easter Eggs Bag outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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