Find The Coral Stone Game

Find The Coral Stone

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The coral stone is like the diamond of the sea and for years it had been passed to different persons for further analysis, but still nobody seems to have a definite answer what it is. The coral stone has a very distinct feature and one can easily spot it in a pile of corals, through the years however, people have already set to find it because that thing suddenly went missing and nobody knows where it is, well until recently when a very in-depth research of it was done and as one of the researchers, Mitch might have an idea where it is.

Mitch finally arrives at a small house in the wilderness and the last of his research is pointing him there, there is suppose to be someone living in that place, but it seems that nobody is home at the moment. Still Mitch is going to find-out if his research is correct, escape players will you join in this task here which has led Mitch far and wide for just a specific item? Place yourself on his shoes then, find that strange coral and may it be done in peace.

Find The Coral Stone is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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