Find Mysterious Gold Game

Find Mysterious Gold

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Gold is usual for a miner of you. You saw many sizes and shapes of gold. In fact, you also have a collection of gold in your house. You've seen so many of it in your life and they seem normal. But while you were roaming around this forest, you saw something that caught your attention. At first it looks like an ordinary gold but it seems mysterious. You are sure that you saw that gold somewhere in this forest but now, it is missing. You have to look for that mysterious gold before you leave this forest. The thing is, looking for that gold is not that easy. There are so many challenges that you have to face before you can finally get the gold. On the good note, there are clues that can help you with those.

Not only that, there are also items along the way that you can pick up. Those things can be very useful for you for find the gold. All you have to do is to use your logic to use those items properly. Find Mysterious Gold is a brand new point and click room escape game made by Mirchigames. Best of luck!

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