Find Fire Crackers Escape Game

Find Fire Crackers Escape

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It's not yet New Year but firecrackers can help you a lot to escape from the room. Since you don't know where your key is, you think of blasting the door so you can escape. It works on classic cartoons so you are confident that this escape plan will work for you too. The thing is, you also don't know where these firecrackers are. However, the firecrackers are larger than the key so it's much easier to find. Thankfully, there are clues that can help you to locate the firecrackers. But beside from finding clues, you also have to solve some puzzles along the way. You might also bump into some objects in the room and you can collect those things. Those objects might be useful eventually so you must not think twice to pick those items up.

You can't stay in this room any longer so you have to be quick. You have to prepare your ears for massive explosions and also, you have to prepare your heart for the joy of freedom! Find Fire Crackers Escape is a brand new room escape game from Enagames and try to escape from the room as fast as you can. Best of luck!

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