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Return Of Happiness

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After battling it off at the previous location, you found yourself in a place where the queen was being kept. You knew that you had to free the queen if you wanted to continue your journey. However, you were feeling a little apprehensive. There was a time when you and the queen weren't on good terms. You found out about something. It was a secret. And you kept it as it is. Then again, the queen became very doubtful of you and she lost all her trust. You wished to make her trust in you again but she was quite stubborn. So you let her cool down for a bit. And it was helping you get back on her good side again. She revealed the secret by herself and she opened up to you once more. But when things were going fine, she disappeared.

And things went downhill. She was a good friend to you and you couldn't just sit back and wait for her return. So you bravely faced this quest to bring back happiness to your place. Now you have to free her from jail to move on with your journey and put an end to it all. Play Return Of Happiness room escape game by Enagames.

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