Find A Birthday Jewelry Box Game

Find A Birthday Jewelry Box

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Jenny was one of the first to arrive in the house of the birthday girl and there were already a few kids there, but it's those youngsters however that nobody should mess with, for they are quite the notorious pranksters in the neighborhood. That's why Jenny kept to herself there and held her present tight for while they are there, anything can really happen. Those kids are just playing around minding their own business, so Jenny slacked-off a bit with her guarding, but little did she know that was enough of a window for them to pull one under her!

Jenny just placed her present which was a jewelry box for her friend beside her, but when she looked again though, she found her present missing! Immediately Jenny's sweat came running for she knew exactly what happened. Those kids hid it now and who knows where it is! She must find it now before they open it and ruin the present, but they are not that destructive, well at least she hopes and at the moment there is a likely chance that they just hid it somewhere. Escape players, Jenny must find that present of hers for her friend before the party starts. Will you help Jenny here on the search around the house so that those pranksters would leave her alone?

Find A Birthday Jewelry Box is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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