Farmer Save The Mermaid

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The farmer Raj returns to the pond near his land for that is where he fishes whenever he has time and just be calm. But as he got there, something was in the surface of the water and he never thought he’d see something like this.

Raj saw a floating mirror and in it was a mermaid asking help to be freed! Raj was definitely scared when he saw this, but he thought twice though. Raj thought about if he helped this mermaid, he can’t just abandon this thing whatever it really is. Escape players, Raj is still very much scared with whatever is happening here, but he’ll try to help this mermaid and see what will happen. Want to help Raj here with this too?

Farmer Save The Mermaid is a new point-and-click outdoors rescue escape game developed by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Farmer Save The Mermaid

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