Farm Tractor Escape

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Farm Tractor Escape is another game from New Escape Games. Imagine one day your brother appeared in front of your house. He was holding two tickets to a trip into the nearby farm hotel because he won a weekend for two person with full service there by sending the bar code of a milk bottle. Unfortunately his wife was going to go to a business trip at the weekend so he offered you the journey. You accepted it and at friday night you arrived to the farm. It situated in an amicable area near to a relatively wealthy district. The next morning after you woke up you consumed your breakfast then were ready to explore the rural lifestyle. The hotel offered animal feeding and land cultivating as an option. You could win a romantic dinner for free if you manage to perform an easy task for a rural man but maybe difficult for a townsman. The task was to heap up a haystack to a trailer then transporting it to the cows. You already coped with the task but couldn’t start the engine of the truck. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!