Fantasy Forest Game

Fantasy Forest

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Camping was always a fun activity for you. You greatly enjoyed the nature and all the things that involved outdoors. It was like a fantasy world for you. But one camping activity did became a fantasy. You woke up very early in the morning. You wanted to see the stars and feel the cold fog surrounding you. The sky was quite clear and you couldn't stop yourself from looking up. Then out of the darkness came a very bright light. The light flashed for only a few seconds. And a creature appeared in front of you. He said he enjoyed watching you do whatever you were doing outside your home. You wanted to ask more but he vanished into thin air. However, he would always appear when he had some things to clarify about camping. He didn't show up for a few days.

You thought he already left the planet. But then a strange thing happened at the camping ground in the forest. One boy disappeared from the camp site and appeared inside a tree house. You already had an idea who was behind it. However, you couldn't deal with him yet. Instead, you went to help the boy. Play Fantasy Forest room escape game by First Escape Games.

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