Escape Trip 005 – Fantasy Forest

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Still in the forest here Darius goes, but he must not escape from this dark place yet, that’s because he is still on a mission to find the king rat for he had been kidnapped a week ago and his kingdom right now is starting to become disarray. Darius is affected with that, that’s why he wants to finish this and return the small king to where he belongs.

At the moment Darius thinks he is now close where the king is, he is in this fort or something which was eerie and dangerous, dangerous of the fact that the place felt like it had hidden traps for travelers like him. Darius needs to be very careful, for this is the rat king he is trying to rescue, and this place will not go unguarded. Escape players, Darius needs help here so he can get through the place without incident, and most importantly rescue the king so he can bring him home. Will you be able to help with that then so that this can finally be solved? Be ready then and escape quickly once you have the king.

Escape Trip 005 – Fantasy Forest is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Nsr Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape Trip 005 – Fantasy Forest

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