Fantasy Adventure Forest Escape Game

Fantasy Adventure Forest Escape

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People have been talking about how they were enchanted by the forest which was just a few hours drive away and because Lino had enough of the stories, he decided to go and try it himself so he can join in the conversation. That day Lino arrived for the very first time in the forest everybody was talking about, in an instant he felt the good aura and he thought to himself looks like he is going to be enchanted of the place as well, but he should have brought a companion though for the place doesn't tolerate overconfidence and will definitely teach one a lesson, unfortunately Lino will come to learn of that the hard way.

Lino was following the path of the forest carefully but when he was about to turn back for he saw that the sun is slowly coming down, he finally realized it. Lino is lost in the forest and what he is seeing now is not at all helpful, darker shadows forming under the foliage as the sun dives down the horizon! Escape players, Lino needs help here and he needs it now, will you help him out and see if you can escape the place as well?

Fantasy Adventure Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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