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Beach Cottage Fun  Escape
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Bill had many houses in different locations may it be winter or in a tropical climate. That day he planned to stay in the middle of it where one of his luxurious houses is standing just by the beach. Bill wanted to feel and smell the ocean once again for he had never in maybe a year due to hard work and stuff. So as he finally arrived in the place, he began his relaxation and what he came to do. Bill looked at the ocean and he thought maybe he'll take a dip there for he was in the mood to, but that's if he can escape his house first though for when he tried his doors so he can leave, he couldn't for those are now mysteriously locked!

Bill sat in his living-room and began to analyze the situation for maybe he forgot that he added something to his house which made it locked, but there really wasn't and that's when he tried to find various items around his house which he can use to escape. Escape players, want to join in the escape here from Bill's place and see if you can solve the problem? His house is pretty big now so you must hurry.

Beach Cottage Fun Escape is the newest point and click coastal house escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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