Escaping The Palatial Chambers Of Intrigue

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The palatial chambers of intrigue is an ancient place and as it looks, it seems to be a temple. Throughout history, the place is mysteriously making people intrigued by it hence what it is called now. That’s why that day Edmond is there for he got very intrigued and interested of the place, but at this moment though he is experiencing something in a room there and he thought he might be getting the full experience here courtesy of this ancient chamber.

Edmond could no longer escape the place for its doors are now blocking him and not allowing him to get out! This is definitely an intriguing happening, but Edmond doesn’t take being trapped as a comfortable experience though. Escape players, come and help Edmond here escape the chambers and do so calmly.

Escaping The Palatial Chambers Of Intrigue is a brand new point-and-click ancient place escape game released by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Escaping The Palatial Chambers Of Intrigue

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