Escape The Forest Game

Escape The Forest

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If there is a place that you can visit everyday, that is the forest. You find your inner peace in this place so you see to it that you come here every morning. It is true that this forest gives you peace but it can also give you stress. You were trying to find your way out of this forest for hours now but you still can't figure it out. Looks like you have to find some clues that can help you to find the right path out. Thankfully, there are lots of those in this forest. However, it is not only the clues that you can find in this place. You can also find puzzles that you need to solve before you can finally escape. You can't stay here until night time so you have to escape as soon as possible.

The good news is, there are items along the way. You can pick those up and use those for your escape plan. Your logic is very important for you to complete your escape so you have to think hard. Play this brand new room escape game by Mirchigames and find a way to Escape The Forest. Good luck!

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