Escape with Santa Bell Game

Escape with Santa Bell

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Assume in this game you are a hiker who have been roaming the world for more than ten years in order to discover the most spectacular places. One day you decided to visit the cold and remote North Pole because you had never been there before. When you arrived it became clear to you that the Santa probably chose this place as his den because it was harsh enough to deter everybody from this landscape and he could be hidden there forever. One day you were heading toward a geyser to admire it when you glanced a small hut next to the path. You knocked at the door and got inside. You realized it was the house of the Santa so you wanted to take a memento with you before he took note of your presence. You wanted to obtain the bell of the Santa but unfortunately it was locked to a small box. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to obtain it somehow. Good luck!



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