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Escape Magician
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Many things blow your mind. Whenever you watch a magic show, the tricks stay on your mind. You also want to be a magician so this is what you did. You bought a book full of magic spells and you practiced all of those. Each trick is successful except for one. "Du Yuno DeWei" this spell should bring you to paradise. However, that is not the outcome. Instead, you ended up in this forest. This is not the place where you should be. The problem is, the book is not with you. You wish that there is a wishing well in here so you can wish for the magic spell. But right now, you have to work your way to know the right spell.

There are puzzles around the place that you need to solve before you can find out what the magic spell is. Thankfully, there are clues that can help you to solve those puzzles. There are also items in here that you can use for your escape plan. But even with the help of those clues, you still have to use your logic to complete the magic trick. Escape Magician is the newest outdoor escape game by Avm Games. Good luck!

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